Over the last 14.5 years, we have had the opportunity to work for the biggest glazing and cladding specialist subcontractors on some of the UK’s most well known buildings and landmarks as the ‘go-to’ partner for installing all facades and envelope packages like cladding, precast concrete panels and metal architectural systems, stick and unitised curtain walling, doors and window systems as well as as a contract and standard lifting company.

Our extensive experience coupled along with our reliability and the fact that we have our own warehouse, own lifting, glazing and access equipments we do not have to rely on 3rd parties, which allows us too undertake projects of any size (large or small) becoming more competitive in price providing a better installation quality and maintaining our own or rented equipments.

One of the biggest UK projects like Vista in Battersea, West London we had up to 75 men on site. Beemold Ltd had both various types of the facade installation labour as well as our lifting equipments for over 2 years which all together was overpassed 2.5 million GBP turnover in just that project.

Our team have installed various types of Raynaers stick curtain walling, pattern glass, water pipes, zinc and GRC and other stone cladding, 450 kg steel substructures, SFS, copings, cills, structural glass, flashings, doors, steel substructures for winter garden, sliding doors and windows and curtain walling, etc.

We also completed 2 rersidential towers of 25 floors in Alie Street and 27 floors in Regents Place (and a 9 floor office building) as well as the Viking showroom and the new building of the prestigious British Museum where we had both day and a night shift as well as in Vista Project to complete the projects on time and budget.

The scope of works in our other main completed projects in the last few years were complex were we installed cedar timber cladding, GE Brick, Aluminium, GRC, Petrarch, Corten, Zink cladding, metsec, etc. The geography and the locations were from Bromley South Central, Chelmsford Central, Slough Central, Beaufort Park, Greenwich Wharf, Wharf Road- London, to rainscreen cladding and brick slips in Beaston Shopping Centre in Nottingham. 

We had done lots of maintenance like in Velodrome, Royal Wharf and GSK Ware as well as railway platform redevelopment in London Bridge Station, as well as British Museum, Salter Hall in Moorgate, London and Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester),
Park Road in Swiss Cottage, Londopn, Goldsmith and  Wandsworth Town,
Arcadia Project Refurbishment and 2 roof lights in Berner Street/Oxford Street.

Beemold Ltd has completed successfully the remaining of Greenwich Wharf as previous contractors went into admininstration as well asin Woo Building
(Royal Battersea College of Art) – directly for Vinci Construction and Rambert Dance Studio, Erith School and Charring Cross. So we completed the project on behalf of the main contractors like Vinci Construction in Woo Building.

Our company have also installed thousands of plastic and aluminium windows in Travis Perkins project in Kings Cross, Barnet College and up to 10 residential blocks in 2 phases in Colindale, 4 blocks of 19 floors (student accomodation) in North West London, as well as thousands of others in St Mary Street (Student accomodation) in Southampton as well as in North Acton, West London.

Beemold Ltd have supplied our Jekko Mini cranes and vacuum lifters as well as Smart Lift Glazing robots (to transport the heavy glasses through very tight areas) and installed various types of roof lights and cladding in Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, steel beams, balustrades and bolted glass in Royal Academy of Music in Bond Street, Central London as well as various types of Raico steel curtain walling, doors, privacy screens, etc. in Westfield Shopping Center, in White City, West London.

With our spider and mobile (pick and carry) mini cranes, glazing robots, manipulators, vacuum lifters have done contract lifts and various glass replacements, Curtain walling glass installations, spider bolts and bolted glasses in Chelsea Hospital, Marks and Spenser, in Charlton, London, Sevenoaks School, Eastbourne shopping center, 1000 kg ondulated/curved glass in 2 directions in Richmond, West London, etc.

So please feel free to contact us for any enquiries and locations.

All our completed projects :

  • Alie Street, London