British Museum-Montague Place, Russell Square, Central London

British Museum-Montague Place, Russell Square was a new built exhibition centre 6 floors high and another 6 floors underground. We had up to 27 men on site. Because of the program and access we had to work long and night shift hours and weekends for more than 6 months. We were responsible for the all doors on site and glass lift shafts as well as a roofglight, various types of curtain walling and cladding.

Various types of Shueco and Jansen curtain walling, spider bolts and bolted glass, frameless doors and even a glass bridge was installed with a high precision. As per project requirements, we also completed lots of anodised unitised curtain walling and various types of cladding, etc. We had to fix 8 meters high glasses and doors in some areas. Some of the heasvy and motorised entrance doors were fixed and added in section on top of each other using special attachments and sppider cranes,