Bolted Glass canopy and steel installation in Royal Academy of Music in Central London

We were delighted with Royal Academy Of Music bolted glass and steel canopy installation. The steel brackets and beams were installed offsite by us to speed up the installation.

With just 3 fitters and a slinger signaller all the scope of works including the canopy, bolted glass the rods, extra balustrades and doors were installed in just around 3 weeks.

Well done to our boys

Roof lights Installation in Papworth Hospital, Cambridge with our SmartLift Glazing Robot and Jekko SPX-424 CDH

12 Rooflight Glasses fixed from 1 position in just 1 shift in New Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. The SmartLift glazing robot SL-608 Outdoor Highlifter was distributing all the glass through narrow doors throughout the building.

We have installed the cladding and the spectacullar roofligts and managed the job ourselves. Thank you to everyone involved

If you need similar installations or plants please do not hesitate to contact us on

H&S awards in Vista Project, Battersea, London

It is great to receive these 2 Health and Safety awards for 2 of our Supervisors from Berkeley Homes, in Vista, Battersea, Central London. Maybe it is not a big treat but it is special and very important for us.

We would like to thank all our hard working operatives, our clients, suppliers and all Vista management for their enormous 2 years contributions in achieving a such good results and reaching all types of facades completion.

We had up to 75 men in the pick times and had worked long hours including night shifts, Saturdays and Sundays.

Smart Lift Glazing Robot in Central Dublin, Ireland

We were pleased to be involved in this curtain walling installation in central Dublin in June 2018.

The SmartLift Glazing Robots can be used for various width glass internally and externally. In this specific crowded project there were no room for external installations as overhead mewps and lots of curtain walling glazing were done by mini cranes. The SmartLift use was the best and safest solutions as it was distributing and installing different size of glasses. The robots can lift any smooth material in different span, configurations and with various certified attachments which can be very helpful for unitised and stick curtain walling installations or glass replacement.

Dental Surgery Glazing package in Bournemouth, South England

Great to see our glazing package both installation and lifting equipments celebrating the opening of a fantastic Dental Surgery in Bournemouth, South England on 01/06/2019

Very long hours but pleased with the result. Thanks to anyone involved.

Dental Surgery Shopfronts were transported and installed by us in Bournemouth on Saturday 25/05/2019.

We have used our trailer and our Glazing robot SmartLift 380 Outdoor High Lifter.

The biggest glass was 320 kg and 2650 mm by 2000 mm.

With this amazing machine we can supply  and install precisely any shopfronts and curtain walling for anyone interested or distribute any materials by removing the yoke and attaching the lifting hook.

Repeated contract lift in Battersea, Central London

Another Contract Lift and another happy customer in Battersea Road in London. Despite I started my journey around 5 am we have completed all the glass replacement by 11 am in a sunny day. Our own electric and diesel spider cranes is ideal in a such congested and tight site. Despite we had a 540 kg capacity Jekko powered vacuum lifter our 5 meters long hydraulic jib was not used which in fact it could be very helpful and precise to install the glasses into the openings. Our clients have agreed to remove a section of fitted balcony to enable a quicker glass replacement as this particular lifting was above the pedestrian route/entrance door. It was great to be called to do exactly the same contract lift again.

Repeated clients is developing the long term relationship and both businesses.