Who are Smartlift?

Smartlift is a Danish innovative company. They develop and manufacture intelligent lifting devices, which are present all over the world. 

First-class precision, reliability and quality are three key words to describe a Smartlift product. Smartlift machines have an excellent reputation. They are the most reliable and stable products on the market. Not surprisingly they are the market leaders. 

Smartlift offers a wide range of lifting devices, from standard models to complex, customised solutions designed using Smartlift’s outstanding and intelligent lifting technology.

Our glazing robots can lift any glass from almost the floor to 4 m high ideal for canopies. By removing the SmartLift Yoke and attaching the certified lifting hook and than with the help of our electric winch we can lift any load vertically from the roof or floor above via an electric winch. 

That would be very useful for the balcony/terrace areas as it could go through a 900 mm door opening with the glass attached on a side (or any other smooth materials surface) without damaging the threshold as the foam filled tyres are not leaving any marks on the floor, has got electronic brakes and very easy to use.

But their 100 mm side shift and electronic remote control is very good for a very precise glass installation as well as any other types of lifting in different span and configurations.

Smartlift lifting devices are a future-proof investment and it’s hard to find a better way to improve your working environment.