Jekko Mini Cranes

What is a Mini Crane?

Jekko mini cranes are the result of the years of experience that Jekko have within the area of lifting and handling for both light and heavy construction industries. Jekko mini cranes are designed to offer lifting solutions in areas where space is confined and restricted.

Depending on the model, their overall dimensions and footprint is compact and kept to a minimum in order to allow for the mini crane to fit through double and single entry doorways. Using clever engineering, this is done without compromising the overall lifting capabilities capacity and work radius required, allowing for more efficient lifting and loading.

The reduced weight and dimensions of Jekko mini cranes allow for easy transportation, rapid deployment, entry into lifts/elevators (depending on model) and the ability to operate on raised levels and surfaces. Our mini cranes are particularly suitable for lifting and the application of glass curtain walls, for lifting building materials, panels, steel beams, and for general industrial maintenance, while also being able to operate on uneven and tiled surfaces, due to their self-propelled cart on tracks, with ease.

The mini cranes can be deployed quickly with no extended setup times and offer a practical lifting solution saving you time and money all while ensuring a high standard of safety and lifting capacity.

Jekko has a complete range of models with diesel engines, electric or battery power sources and a wide range of manual and hydraulic jibs. Jekko mini cranes can also be equipped with hydraulic manipulators for glass and panels fully integrated with the functions while not compromising on safety.

Our Jekko SPX-1040 CDH crane can pick any load and carry to any tight areas as the capacity is 2000 kg without using the outriggers. Another very big plus is that it can have different outriggers position and could be used parallel to a wall, avoid a scaffolding tube or any other object by using the hydraulic jib and even to have a virtual wall limitation which is very important for the nearby pedestrian areas. 

All of the cranes are electric but the bigger ones like the SPX-1040 CDH as well as the SPX-424 CDH are diesel powered and also have 380 volts – 3 phase electric powered pack. The SPX-424CDH (most popular smaller crane with 750 kg capacity and even 5m long hydraulic jib reaching to 12.8 m in height. The remote controlled operated hydraulic jib can make the installation faster and cheaper as it will exclude the need of an extra slinger signaller as the operative or Lifting supervisor can operate the crane next to the load on a mew or aluminium tower and would enable to handle and install the glasses or any other loads quicker and safer.

We have 540 kg and 1000 kg capacity Jekko vacuum lifters also which has got a greater capacity then other brands and could be used in different standard or all in one configuration. Our  1200 kg capacity SPD-265 crane can have a manipulator attached so can do any internal or external glazing or glass replacement with high precision.