V&A Facades Maintenance and Mini Cranes Hire Ltd are expanding their Facades installation and mini crane, glazing robots and vacuum lifters hire and contract lifts in continental Europe. We had previously rented our 2 mini cranes for over 6 months in Denmark. Since the beginning of 2018 we had started to work in the Republic of Ireland. In the summer of 2019 we secured and completed the cladding, roofing and windows installation in Bern Train Stations, Platform 5, Switzerland. Other large projects are due to start in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland so please follow and get in touch with us. We would like to strengthen our relationship with UK and other European companies from Facades, Metal Architectural and Precast Concrete industries like the one in Switzerland. For further info and enquiries please contact us at beemold@yahoo.co.uk or WhatsApp +447584354526, www.beemold.com, For other posts and news visit our LinkedIn profile