Pelican Trash-16 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental

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We are delighted to acquire Pelican Trash with its over 100 units of 16 yard dumpsters containers with their fleet of trucks and brand operated under Beemold USA LLC . Previously that was an established family-owned dumpster rental company with 30+ years of experience. Our team can help you choose the best rental for your needs including same-day dumpster services at competitive rates.

Is the date for your landscaping or remodeling project approaching fast, and are you still unsure how you will manage all the mulch and debris? Try a 16 yard dumpster rental. It’s not only perfect for your waste disposal requirement but hiring it from Pelican Trash will perfectly suit your budget!

  • A large kitchen demolition and Remodel
  • Multiple home improvement projects
  • Large garage or basement cleanout
  • Deck demo (15′ x 30′ – disassembled)
  • Eviction / Home furnishings cleanout
  • Flood Fire Restoration
  • NO Roofing Material other than shake shingles are allowed in the 16 yd roll-offs

Our 16 Yard Dumpster Size

If you are looking to declutter your home or garage, renovate your kitchen and bathroom, or replace your roof, our 16 yard roll-off dumpster can be of enormous help. All of our 16 cubic yard dumpsters exceed 17 yards in actual inside volume.

Depending on the waste the 16 yard dumpster can hold 6-8 full size pickup trucks worth of debris.

Our open-top dumpsters have ground level placement (about 6″ step) and barn style doors in the back for easy loading of bulky and heavy items.

Please note: We do not carry any heavy materials (ie. concrete, rock, dirt, asphalt, lath plaster, etc.) in our 16 yard dumpsters unless they are filled half way. Exceeding container weight limits will damage the dumpsters and will result in extra charges.


Benefits of a 16 Yard Roll off Dumpster

Everyone needs waste disposal at various scales. It’s easy to handle your day-to-day garbage situation, but what do you do when the magnitude is more considerable? That’s when you need a 16 yard roll off dumpster or the one that suits your requirements. You’ll be surprised to see that it has several benefits other than taking the burden off your head.

1. Safety:

Having piles of garbage scattered all over the area can expose people to the waste. It can harm their health or even injure them.

2. Flexible Disposal:

No need to segregate your waste or look for places to collect the trash. Just dump everything in your 16 cubic yard dumpster.

3. No Trips to the Landfill:

Once your dumpster is full, you need not go to the landfill yourself. That’s our job! Besides, if you need the 16 yard dumpster rental for a construction project, you might need to empty it repeatedly. But as we said, that’s our job!

4. Better for the environment:

Your trash goes straight to the landfill, where a lot of it is recycled or disposed of properly. Waste management will reduce your carbon footprint.

5. No legal hassles:

States have rules about proper waste management, and they can be different for each state. Avoid getting into a lawsuit by managing your waste correctly.

Our 16 Yard Dumpster Cost

Our 16 yard dumpster rental costs marginally differ depending on the project and the service areas.


In Breward County

3-Day Rental – $275

7-Day Rental – $350 within 15 miles from Melbourne

For repeated customers and longer period rent various discounts would be offered. Every other nearby location are welcome and we would be happy to discuss separately.

How long can I keep my rental? – There is an initial two week rental period that is attached to each dumpster that you rent from us. This begins from the time the dumpster is delivered and not when you place the order. We believe in making sure you get your money’s worth with a roll-off rental. You can be sure that you are never going to be charged for time when you don’t have the dumpster. If you need to extend the rental out longer, that’s perfectly fine as well.

What would incur a trip fee on my account? – The most common occurrence that would result in a trip fee would be accessibility issues with your rental. Whether we are coming to place the roll-off on location or we are going to service your waste removal, we ask that the location where you have the dumpster placed is easily accessible. Keep in mind that our drivers are going to be backing in to the location on a flatbed and are going to need a great deal of space to do so. Another instance that would result in a trip fee is if you schedule your waste removal and when our driver arrives you are either not finished with the dumpster or you have over-filled the unit. In either scenario the driver would leave and you would need to reschedule for a later date. Your account would also be assessed a trip fee.

Will the dumpster ruin my driveway?

We could place 2×6 wood under the wheels of the dumpster, however, we do recommend the customer also put down sheets of plywood to further protect their driveway.

Items You Should Not Put in 16 Yard Roll off Dumpster

You may use our 16 cubic yard dumpster to dispose of several items like furniture, appliances, piles of scrap, construction debris, metal, or garbage from small businesses. However, some things are a no-no for dumping. Here’s a list below for reference, and we will be happy to review the prohibited items with you at time of booking and/or delivery if you have additional questions.

1. Dirt, 2. Oil 3. Heavy Concrete 4. Fertilizers 5. Tires 6. Flammable Items 7. Fluorescent Bulbs 8. Asbestos. 9. Car Batteries 10. Poisons 11. Gasoline 12. Liquids 13. Liquid paint 14.Toxins 15. Chemicals 16. Propane Tanks

Please note: We do not carry any heavy materials (ie. concrete, rock, dirt, asphalt, lath plaster, etc.) in our 16 yard dumpsters unless they are filled half way. Exceeding container weight limits will result in extra charges.

Construction Dumpster Rentals

Dealing with waste can be one of the most challenging aspects of a construction job. Rent a dumpster and forget the hassle!

  • Concrete
  • Building Materials
  • Carpeting
  • Roofing


If You Are Searching For A 16 Yard Dumpster Rental That Fits Your Budget, Call our Rental Service Now!