Contract Lifts and Standard lifts

We launched V&A Facades Maintenance and Mini Cranes Hire Ltd for our various facades installations and maintenances as well as hiring and contracts lifting services. 

The hire prices of the Smart Lift glazing robots, 540 kg and 1000 kg vacuum lifters and various Jekko mini cranes and manipulators would depend on the requirements of the enquiries like: location, duration, radius, weight and size of the load, obstacles and access route. So that is why a video, drawings or pictures of the site layout it would be needed before a safe lifting plan or competitive hire quote would be provided.

A enormous advantage against the regular mini cranes is that Smart Lift glazing robots are light and can distribute the glass and any other loads as a floor or mobile crane. The glazing robots/pick and carry small mini cranes are not classed as cranes and that is why there is  no need of a CPCS operator but a familiarisation. 

Our Outdoor Highlighter Smart Lift glazing robots have got a very big radius from the ground to horizontal position around 4 meters high and could pass through a 900 mm balcony door. They can attach any smooth surface materials like glass, stone, metal doors, etc

But their 100 mm side shift and electronic remote control is very good for a very precise glass installation as well as any other types of lifting for example up to 608 kg if the SL-608 Outdoor Highlifter is selected.

If the yoke would be replaced with our certified lifting hook it could be used with our electric winch for vertical lifting like a mini crane which is very good for very tight positions on the terraces and balconies where a light machine is needed.They can be used in different configurations and could have various accessories for nearly all types of surfaces and span positions.

We would recommend to scroll all the pages and double click any interested machine/lifting equipment icon for all our Jekko pick and carry mobile or static spyder cranes (up to 2000 kg for SPX-1040 CDH), powered vacuum lifters and SmartLift glazing robots loading charts and data sheets. All of them are electric, but the bigger ones are diesel powered also. The medium range SPX-424 CDH is the most popular Spyder crane for glass replacements and lifting various loads up to 2400 kg or even up to 750 kg with their 5 meters long hydraulic jib operated by the remote control also and could reach up to 12.8 m in height. Any outrigger could have different positions to avoid any obstacles in the way. It could be offered white track to not leave any marks on the floor and could have an extended track and even driven on stairs. They are light enough and could be brought into a 3.5 tone trailer.

Read more about Jekko vacuum lifters, manipulators and mini cranes or 

SmartLift glazing robots/Floor cranes


External services

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  • Windows (supply and installation)

  • Aluminium Curtain Wall Installation
  • Balconies With Glass Balustrade Installation
  • Balconies With Mesh Balustrade Installation
  • Brise Soleil Installation (supply and installation)

  • Coppings Installation (supply and installation)

  • Facade – Logistics Management

  • Facade – Site Installation Management

  • Glass Balustrades Installation

  • Glass Canopy Installation

  • Glass Roof Installation

  • Louvres Installation

  • Mesh Balustrades Installation

  • Metal Rainsreen Cladding / Installation

  • Pre-cast Concrete Walls Installation

  • Privacy Screens Installation

  • Soffits Installation

  • Structural Glazing Installation

  • Structural Silicone (Glass) Installation

  • Suspended Ceiling Installation

  • Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding / Installation

  • Unitised Curtain Wall Installation ( Elements )

  • Windows and Doors Installation

  • Supply and installation of Metsec walls

  • Rendering